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Hugo.Stay - Rest. Enjoy. Live

Hugo.stay is a new generation accommodation in the city centre of Tartu. Here you’ll find modern small apartments with smart layout.

 We’re located in the centre of Tartu which means it is easy to move around in the whole city just on foot or by bicycle—there’s no need for a car. Hugo.stay’s thoughtful and functional furnishing solutions, multilevel rooms, built-in kitchens and furniture will make moving in particularly simple and comfortable for you.


 The general areas are beautifully designed and furnished adding value to the Hugo.stay departments. The lobby at the main entrance of the building is convenient for meeting a friend or customer and enjoying the opportunities of a modern open office lobby. Furthermore, a shared roof terrace with an excellent view will be designed. Smooth functioning and management of the building will be taken care

385€ 22€/m2
Raatuse 23
Square meters
17.2 m2